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1) Enter your basic property information.
2) We'll arrange a time to view your home.
3) Get a no-obligation, cash offer. No repairs needed.
4) If you accept - we'll buy your house quickly and hassle free.

Renter Problems

Have bad renters destroyed your home, your savings, your spare time? You don't need to make any repairs. If they are still living there, pass that problem on to us and we will take care of it.

Inherited House

An empty house that you don't want or can't maintain can quickly turn into a nightmare. Vandalism, maintenance, and utilities are all costly, and all take time to manage.

Back Taxes

If you haven't been able to pay taxes, we can help make everything right without having to pay the taxes before selling your property. Contact us now and move on with your life.


We often work with people who are looking to purchase real estate "wholesale". Wholesaling is simply purchasing a home at a discount that needs repairs or has other problems with it, and selling these properties immediately to other investors without doing the repairs.

Historic South Park, Dayton 3BR/1.5BA, Basement - ONLY $35,000

Bargain-priced home in super hot neighborhood. Needs work, but ARV $110K.


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